Sonoma's Newest Rockstar: Marine Layer

From the incredible team that built the Banshee Wines label comes Marine Layer. The name pays homage to the thick blanket of fog that pours in from the Pacific Ocean most summer mornings through the Petaluma Gap in the Sonoma Coast. The story of Marine Layer begins with their intimate knowledge of the best vineyard sites for Chardonnay and Pinot Noir in California. Organic farming, heritage clones, hand-harvesting, and an obsession for quality guide their path. Every bottling of Marine Layer is produced in tiny quantities, some as small as four barrels. They use native yeast in their winemaking, minimal intervention, barrel-fermentation for their whites, and extended barrel aging for their reds. They’ve spared no expense to make wines that will compete with the very best Chardonnays and Pinot Noirs in the world.


Aries Chardonnay 2018 $34.99

Aries is one of twelve constellations of the Zodiac and is depicted as a majestic golden-fleeced Ram in the northern sky. Aries comes into view as Sonoma's Chardonnay vines begin to awaken from their long winter’s rest. It’s thought that the celestial pull of these new Spring constellations help draw the life-force back up from root to the vine, as they begin their annual rebirth. Their love of White Burgundy really shines through here!


Gap's Crown Chardonnay $44.99

Gap’s Crown Vineyard is planted on steep northwest-facing slopes, where chardonnay ripens slowly, preserving the acids while developing ripe, lush, fruit character late into the growing season. A wine of depth and complexity with ageability and grace.


Lyra Pinot Noir 2018 $39.99

Lyra is one of the oldest and brightest constellations found in the California summer sky, arriving as the vines awaken back to life and departing at harvest. It presides with a watchful eye over the evolution of Sonoma's Pinot Noir vineyards as they progress through their annual cycle from bud to flower to grape.


Jentoft Pinot Noir 2018 $59.99

Steep and extreme describe the terrain of Jentoft Vineyard. Perched on the top of a hill in Occidental on the far west Sonoma Coast, the vines cling to the south-facing slope of loamy Goldridge soil. Their rows are California heritage clones - equal parts Swan and Calera.


Gravenstein Pinot Noir 2018 $59.99

Located just north of the town of Sebastopol, the Gravenstein Vineyard is planted to 30-year-old vines of the Calera heritage clone, surrounded by a 100-year-old apple orchard. Their parcel sits on a ridge of almost perfectly white, loamy sand.