Arnot-Roberts Wines is a joint project of schoolhood friends, Duncan Arnot Meyers and Nathan Lee Roberts. Since founding their winery in 2001, the duo has been one of the most progressive and revolutionary producers on the California landscape. Together with a small group of fellow trailblazers, they have led the way to help redefine the paradigm of what California wine can be and taste like.

Like all great winemakers, the cornerstone of their approach starts with a dedication to finding uber-distinctive and often extreme and unique vineyard sites spanning from Mendocino County to the north and to the far reaches of the Santa Cruz Mountains to the south. Interestingly, before Arnot-Roberts, the majority of these vineyards had been previously completely unknown or totally unheralded (e.g. Clary Ranch for Syrah, Fellom Ranch for Cabernet, Luschinger for Trousseau, and Trout Gulch for Chardonnay, among many others). Now some of these wines are increasingly difficult to find as they demonstrate their incredible ability to age for collectors or conversely, their unmatched verve and freshness in their youth. If this producer is new to you, be sure to add it to your list of California producers not to miss.

It has only been due to their uncanny sleuthing ability - seeing what might be "possible' - that the duo has been able to understand and unlock the potential of these amazing vineyard sites. With the release of their new 2021 rosé we invite you to stock up on these wines before they are gone.