Domaine de Closel

Situated on the picturesque western hill of Savennières, Château des Vaults has a rich heritage that dates back to 1495. In 1962, Michèle de Jessey inherited the estate from her childless aunt, Madame du Closel, and along with her husband Jacques de Jessey, transformed it into the renowned Domaine du Closel. Today, their daughter Evelyne de Pontbriand, a passionate lover of botanics and nature, carries on the family legacy with unwavering dedication.

Domaine de Closel's vineyards encompass some of the most coveted parcels in the entire AOC, including Les Caillardières and Clos du Papillon. The terroir here is truly exceptional, with shallow topsoil of warm purple/green schist and sandstone, enriched by volcanic rocks such as quartz, phtanites, ryolites, and spilites. These unique conditions contribute to the creation of wines that possess a distinct character and unmistakable sense of place.

Under Evelyne's stewardship, the estate embarked on an inspiring journey towards organic viticulture. As a former French literature teacher, she brings her intellectual curiosity and love for the natural world to the vineyard. Each vintage is an experimental learning process, as she continuously seeks the best cultural practices for the austere terroirs of Savennières.