Jean-Philippe Fichet

Long have Meursault’s soils revealed incredible diversity: their intense stoniness is magnified by an exceptionally low water table, forcing the vines’ roots deep underground. These factors pave the way for wines of immense precision and complexity.

Jean-Philippe Fichet was not born into royalty like Jean-Marc Roulot or Dominique Lafon. Since the early '80s, Jean-Philippe has been cobbling together this boot-strap Domaine and built it into one of the most sought-after Domaines in Burgundy. Jean-Philippe is a lover of natural wine, the harvest is strictly by hand and the wines are not filtered. His style is characterized by wines with marked minerality, well-defined fruit, young citrus fruits, elegance, and energy.

The work that Fichet and his family do is a direct outgrowth of a decision legendary vigneron René Lafon made a few decades prior: to bottle his Mersault "Clos de la Barre" on its own. This opened up a doorway to see a wider breadth of Mersault's vineyards individually, not just premier cru sites, and explore the diverse soils found in this region. The two wines below stand out as world-class examples from this beautiful part of the wine world all the while showcasing Jean-Philippe Fichet's vision as a winemaker.