Julien Sunier

Despite not hailing from a wine family, Julien's path to winemaking was serendipitously paved by his mother's hairstyling profession, which connected him with none other than the esteemed Christophe Roumier. Inspired by this fortunate encounter, Julien embarked on an adventure to uncover the mysteries of winemaking alongside Roumier, and thus began his lifelong passion for the craft.


Driven by an insatiable thirst for knowledge, Julien traversed the globe in his early twenties, exploring renowned wine regions from New Zealand to California. This globetrotting experience allowed him to embrace the international wine route while working harvests in both hemispheres. Upon returning to Burgundy, Julien honed his skills alongside esteemed winemakers Nicolas Potel and Jean-Claude Rateau, fostering a deep appreciation for organic and biodynamic viticulture.

Equipped with invaluable insights gained from managing a large negociant, where he collaborated with growers in all 10 of the Cru Beaujolais villages, Julien's understanding of the region's micro-climates and micro terroirs became unparalleled. In the spring of 2008, driven by a burning desire to establish a domaine in harmony with his organic viticulture and natural winemaking ideals, Julien embarked on his own winemaking venture.

The resulting wines are nothing short of extraordinary—exquisitely pure, elegant, and devoid of artifice. There is a discernible touch of the Chambolle spirit in Sunier's wines, with perhaps a hint of Morey in the Morgon. Vibrant, floral, and marked by ethereal textures, they culminate in beguiling, long-lasting finishes. While these wines offer immediate gratification, their depth and balanced structure ensure they also reward those with the patience for medium-term cellaring. We invite you to embark on a journey through the extraordinary wines of Julien Sunier.