Mee Godard

Mee's journey began when she fulfilled her lifelong dream of taking over the vineyard plots of André Meyran, an old winemaker without heirs, in 2012. With this acquisition, she secured an impressive 1.7 hectares of Morgon, Côte du Py, 2.3 hectares of Morgon, Corcelette, and 1 hectare of Morgon, Grand Cras, all boasting very old vines that are knee deep in some of the finest soils in Beaujolais.

At Domaine Mee Godard, it's all about preserving the essence of the land and the fruit it bears. Mee's winemaking philosophy revolves around minimal extraction, allowing the wines to showcase the pure character of Gamay. The emphasis on tannin and longer aging in wood contributes to the production of wines that are truly vin de garde - exceptional quality wines that are ideal for aging. By employing an innovative approach through Burgundian-style whole bunch pressing and partial destemming, she achieves a remarkable balance between mineral complexity and roundness, creating wines that are both elegant and expressive.


Adding to their impressive lineup, in 2016, Domaine Mee Godard introduced a captivating cuvée from Moulin-à-Vent, showcasing her mastery of the Gamay varietal. Additionally, the estate produces a limited amount of Beaujolais Blanc, further highlighting Mee's diverse talents. For wine enthusiasts seeking wines with finesse, authenticity, and the potential for aging, Domaine Mee Godard offers a captivating journey through the stunning terroirs of Morgon. With meticulous care, Mee crafts each bottle, ensuring that every sip tells the story of the land and the dedicated hands that shaped it!