Moreau Naudet

Stéphane Moreau assumed control of his family estate during the 1990s and, over the past two decades, he has successfully transformed it into one of the foremost producers in the Chablis region. A devoted craftsman, Stéphane employed traditional agricultural methods to craft wines that were truly exceptional, drawing from vines that had been rooted for over half a century.

Stéphane devoted himself to organic farming practices, epitomizing the role of a vintner. Although his brilliance was tragically cut short, as he passed away before the 2016 vintage, his wife Virginie Moreau now carries forward his legacy. She remains faithful to the estate's essence while incorporating her innovations, following in the footsteps of the most esteemed Burgundy growers.

Virginie's approach closely mirrors that of the top-tier vintners in Burgundy. She employs vineyard plowing, practices organic viticulture, handpicks the grapes, employs whole berry pressing, utilizes natural yeasts, and limits the use of sulfur to a minimum. Her skillful cellar techniques showcase her mastery, as she artfully employs barrel aging to avoid any discernible traces of oak in the wine. Favoring steamed barrels over charred ones, reserving new oak exclusively for the straight Chablis and employing it sparingly. Consequently, her wines possess a lively character, boasting a singular texture and captivating complexity. It is hard to put down the glass once these wines are uncorked.